Chanson du ricochet, 2014
Mirrored surfaces and multi-channel sound installation
Installed in Prospect.3, New Orleans

Chanson du ricochet, 2016
Multi-channel sound installation
Installed at MASS MoCA, North Adams

Chanson du ricochet, 2017
Multi-channel sound installation
Installed in Whitney Biennial, New York

Each subsequent installation is an expansion of Chanson du ricochet, 2014 and incorporates tools that are specific to the site of installation alongside all those tools named in the prior installations. The sound of a male voice reading an extensive list of tools—“...auger, pick, carbine, awl, billet, wrench, whip, rake, speculum, sine bar, grout saw, rasp, gillnet, shovel, mallet, vise...”—emanates through the site. The list refers not only to the labor materialized in the immediate built environment but ventures to describe the various historical contingencies on which these objects are founded, however far afield their origins. copy.jpg