Rhymes and Reckonings (for Sverdlovsk and Yekaterinburg), 2019
Fixtures, tools, motors, electronics, and text
Dimensions variable

Collaboration with Joseph Rosenzweig

Installed at 5th Ural Industrial Biennial, Russia

The various objects that populate Rhymes and Reckonings (for Sverdlovsk and Yekaterinburg)—a desk, an oscilloscope, a beaker, etc.—function partly as artifacts of the workspace that once occupied the space of the exhibition. A simple formal operation on the space—the introduction of an axis— makes strange their otherwise plausible arrangement. On each side of the axis, there are identities, there are contradictions, and there are ‘rhymes.’ Likewise, these out-of-kilter symmetries appear throughout the text that forms the basis of Rhymes and Reckonings (for Sverdlovsk and Yekaterinburg). As with the space of the installation, the text is riven—despite its apparently uniform subject “we”. Enunciated, the text furnishes the indistinct signal that can be made out as the viewer navigates the installation. All sounds derive from this speech, modulated by the various forms and materials of the objects on which this signal acts.