Sounding the Path of the Signal

2 August 2013
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA

Programmed by Joseph Rosenzweig

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Zarouhie Abdalian/ MATRIX 249, each of the works in the program proposes a novel treatment of the interaction between sound and the specific site of its production.

Single Stroke Roll (1988) Pauline Oliveros
“Dense Boogie 1” from Sound Characters (1999) Maryanne Amacher
The Real as Imaginary (2012) Peter Ablinger
Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra (1988) Alvin Lucier
“Hocket for Henry Cowell” from Three Pieces for Drum Quartet (1974) James Tenney
“Chorale 1” from Sound Characters (1999) Maryanne Amacher
0'00" (4' 33" No. 2) (1962) John Cage
Vespers (1968) Alvin Lucier

Performed by Gretchen Jude, Daniel McAnulty, Danishta Rivero, Joseph Rosenzweig, Nick Wang, and William Winant Percussion Group.