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Blockings, 2014.
Installation for "Invisible Hand", CAFAM, Beijing: twenty-three exhibition labels.
Dimensions variable.

Collaboration with Joseph Rosenzweig

Pause and rue the absence of more telling prohibitions. 2014.

Vinyl decal and tempered glass.
Dimensions determined by site.

Until sullied by obligation, until the age old dialectic is engaged—that is, until the fourth wall suddenly shatters. 2014.

Workers, desks, and monitors.
Dimensions determined by site.

As if to advance a foregone conclusion: an impassable thicket of authorizing lines. 2014.

Stanchions and nylon.
Dimensions determined by site.

As if urged to move, advance, or retreat, or as a hasty appraisal of a print by El Lissitzky. 2014.

Frame and inkjet print.
Dimensions determined by site.

Regard as incomplete, the final artwork specified as a monitor flickering in a derelict control room. 2014.
CCTV (closed circuit television) camera. Dimensions determined...
With purpose, though adulterated by form. 2014.

Stainless steel.
Dimensions determined by site.

Interact. 2014.
Motion detector and indicator light. Dimensions determined by...
Repeat stopgap upon stopgap until becoming structure. 2014.

Wood shims.
Dimensions determined by site.

Withdraw until illegible, until the text is no more than a blemish on the deliberate surface of the architecture. 2014.

Wall label.
Dimensions determined by site.

As under the shade of an aegis. 2014.

Wall and paint.
Dimensions determined by site.

Taken aback. As an apostle on whom it dawns: “My church—the very cathedral wherein I now genuflect—is rife with corruption.” 2014.

Growth, light, and frosted glass.
Dimensions determined by site.

Such that the surface renders flatness the first rule of a face. 2014.

Dimensions determined by site.

It might be that a mass appears formless (its marks name not one author among its makers) but no matter: it is the sheer evidence of its spread that founds its selfsame purpose. 2014.

Dimensions determined by site.

Enter—which is to say, be enveloped. In other words, give up what you’ve brought until it’s asked for. 2014.

Blackout curtain.
Dimensions determined by site.

Free it of its use, of course. (A regimen of care will follow as an answer to its silent cries of need.) 2014.

Wall with craquelure.
Dimensions determined by site.

Dead set on autonomy. Frozen. A howl indistinguishable from a yawn. 2014.

Inkjet print mounted on foamcore.
Dimensions determined by site.

Begrudgingly, as a weary participant. 2014.

Mirrored acrylic sheet.
Dimensions determined by site.

As if to achieve some closure, take the given yet again as an impenetrable passage, the barring door that delimits the pane. 2014.

Glass and door.
Dimensions determined by site.

Luridly—that is, indelicately put. 2014.
Pedestal, glass, lamps, and products. Dimensions determined by...
Use it as if fulfilling a prophecy, murmuring all the while “sublation.” 2014.

Dimensions determined by site.

In the form of a choice (so long as the circuit feeds from its obfuscated source). 2014.

Power outlet.
Dimensions determined by site.

As though taking one's bearings by a constellation, as though spotting distant suns propped up by the luminous aether. 2014.

Vinyl text and wall.
Dimensions determined by site.

Adopt this stance: under your omniscient gaze, every object becomes an artifact, even the ground on which you stand. 2014.

Dimensions determined by site.

At a level sufficient to register as difference and precisely as waste. 2014.

Air vent.
Dimensions determined by site.